Our expertise We help clients engage with education to achieve their goals and have extensive experience in the areas of STEM, PSHE and life skills and Sport.



Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) have a huge impact on our everyday lives but there continues to be a lack of engagement from students of all ages in these subjects, particularly minority ethnic groups and women. For example, according to EdComs research, women comprise just 16% of students studying engineering and technology.

EdComs works with brands, companies, and STEM communities to help shine a light on STEM activities, options and careers. We are proud to have supported our clients in the development of highly innovative and award-winning programmes, which open the world of STEM to students and closes the gender gap and skills shortage in this sector.

There is still much to be done, which is why we believe that there has never been a better time for companies to explore how they can get involved in STEM based education programmes.

PSHE and life skills

According to EdComs research, 58% of teachers think personal, social, health and economic education (PSHE) is an essential subject, but only 12.5% think it is given high priority in their school. PSHE supports children and young people in developing the knowledge, skills, and attributes they need to prepare for life and work in modern Britain. Positively impacting pupils in both their academic and non-academic lives, well-delivered PSHE programmes are essential for all young people, especially those in the most vulnerable and disadvantaged circumstances.

EdComs has worked with brands, Government, and not-for-profit organisations on innovative and forward-looking PSHE programmes for many years. Our campaigns deliver the national curriculum’s requirement for all schools to ‘make provision for personal, social, health and economic education drawing on best practice’.

Our award-winning PSHE programmes support and encourage children and young people to keep themselves safe and healthy. They enable them to develop fully as individuals and members of society.




Led by Nick Fuller, previously Head of Education for London 2012, EdComs has unparalleled experience in designing and delivering award-winning sports-related educational and community programmes.

According to our research, 91% of teachers think it’s very important for their pupils to be active, but only 24% of teachers think sport is a high priority in their school. Our campaigns help students to cultivate essential life skills such as team work and leadership, alongside an understanding of the importance of physical activity as part of a healthy lifestyle. These programmes add value for schools and young people, as well as for the businesses which sponsor them, creating mutual long-term benefit.

Through our in-depth knowledge and passion for Sport, this sector of EdComs business has grown rapidly over the past five years as we support international, national and regional sporting organisations to create bespoke programmes that inform and inspire.

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