betty for schools

Why is it innovative?

  • EdComs started working with betty for schools in 2016 to develop free curriculum-linked lessons for 8–12 year olds, aimed at creating a generation of girls and boys who are truly at ease talking about their periods.
  • In addition to the online lessons, EdComs worked with betty to develop the betty bus which travels around UK schools delivering immersive one-hour sessions where our trained facilitators help girls explore how periods can affect their emotions and what they can do to manage that.
  • While girls are on the bus, boys take part in a separate session on empathy, learning more about what girls go through each month.
  • To promote the programme to teachers, EdComs developed a multi-channel campaign which included viral social ads and an innovative direct mail ovulation calendar.

How does it inspire learning?

  • The digital lessons are highly engaging with a mix of film, animation, interactive activities and supporting print materials, all developed using betty’s ‘big sister’ tone of voice and branding.
  • Developing the resources alongside teachers and the PSHE Association was important to build credibility in the classroom.
  • Our interviews with young girls and boys about periods help create an open and honest, youth-led conversation in the classroom.
  • Presenter-led links from young people connect the digital lessons and the bus sessions.

Outcomes (April 2017)

  • betty for schools has won four EVCOM Clarion Awards for the betty for schools bus tour and an EVCOM Screen Award for betty for schools viral videos in 2017
  • Since the school visits began in March 2017, betty for schools has created a huge impact:
    • 99% of girls and 91% of boys had a positive experience on the betty bus.
    • Over two thirds of girls (68%) feel more knowledgeable about their periods.
    • 81% want to see more of betty in the future and 74% are likely to visit the website.

Teacher Testimonial:

“Our girls will be more relaxed and have much greater understanding of their periods and emotions and able to be more open and ask.”

Student Testimonial:

“I found betty’s bus fun and the staff were so kind. I now know that even though I don’t have many family members that are answering questions, I can go to betty.’


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