Premier League Primary Stars

What we've done

  • EdComs has worked with the Premier League since 2015 to develop and implement an education strategy to ensure they have a presence in all primary schools in England and Wales by 2022.
  • Premier League Primary Stars uses the inspiration and fun of sport to connect pupils’ learning to the world around them. The programme aims to inspire children to be active, and to develop the values and skills crucial to success in school and later life.
  • Alongside the football club community organisations (CCO’s) working face to face with teachers and pupils, EdComs has created a new digital hub for teachers and pupils with content linked to PSHE, English, Maths, PE and school sport. EdComs built the platform and created a range of teaching tools, films, activities, worksheets, quizzes and interactives, working with partners including the PSHE Association, National Literacy Trust, National Numeracy and STEM Learning.
  • We implemented a comprehensive communication plan to schools, and managed a programme of rewards and recognition providing registered schools with visits by the Premier League Trophy and thousands of boxes of books, posters and stickers celebrating the Premier League’s values.

Why is it innovative?

  • The resources can be accessed and used in a flexible way by teachers. They can download or save to their account entire packs of resources or select individual elements from different packs and save them to create their own lessons, which they can then allocate online to their classes.
  • Pupils can create personal avatars and receive digital badges to acknowledge their work.
  • All the resources bring the business of football to life, particularly in film, where we meet players, managers, coaches, referees and fans from clubs across the country, seeing how they use the skills pupils are learning in everyday life.
  • We’ve also enabled parents to nominate their school through the website, to receive fantastic prizes.
  • Our reporting dashboards enable Premier League to determine the reach of their programme generated by online resources and by the football club community organisations.

How successful?

  • The programme films received the EVCOM Clarion Awards in 2017 for Education and Training and Diversity and Inclusion.
  • Over 12,000 teachers from 8,500 schools have registered in less than a year.
  • Over 9,400 parents nominated over 5,000 schools.
  • In a survey of registered teachers, looking at the resources that are most used, at least 9 in 10 teachers agreed:
    • they would rate the resources as excellent or very good (100%).
    • that the intended learning outcomes were achieved for all or most of their pupils (92%–100%).
    • they were likely to recommend the resources to other teachers (92%–100%).



I found them to be both inventive and inspiring, they provided new ideas for teaching subjects which more experienced teachers have taught numerous times and therefore give fresh ideas.”

Key Stage 2 Teacher.


Premier League launches their new programme – Premier League Primary Stars
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